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       Danach - Afterwards (Germany/ UK 2009)

       by Kivmars Bowling |  Director of Photography: Philipp Röhl
       starring Beate Malkus and Helmuth Meier-Lautenschläger

       "Berlin. Night. An old homeless drunk stumbles down the street. Ignored by everyone - almost
       everyone. Suddenly a young woman appears in front of him - mid-thirties, thin, a drug-addict.
       They stand face-to-face for the first time in years - daughter and father , Anna and Volker.
       Under cover of darkness the secrets of their East-German past explode in a final confrontation
       - and the consequences of times past come to light."

       With 'Afterwards', the British director Kivmars Bowling tells a sensitive and gutsy story
       about separation, memory and alienation - and how two people deal with the bitter
       consequences and the tainted inheritance of their past.

       'Afterwards' tackles the human, personal cost of German history.
       It also deals with the stories we tell ourselves, to make everything fit
       - and how those myths, afterwards, are always broken and then need to be remade.
       But this time, hopefully, with the truth in their centre.

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