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       Hagezussa (Trailer 2008)

 by Wingis Struck |  Director of Photography: XiaoSu Han
       starring Beate Malkus, Marcus Meisinger, Yoshe Malkus and Isabell Gründer

       'Hagezussa' tells the story of Hänsel and Gretel in a land full of danger and adventures,
       and actually, it did not even happen, yet, because it is situated in far away times.
       Wars, storms, mischief raged above Earth and even darkend the light of the sun. Each sheep of
       metal, each tattered tyre around here is a treasure, which was either battled or payed dearly for.
       This is the world, in which the scrap collector and his family try to survive in farytale-missing times - until
       the parents decide to finally leave the children to their fate.
       But Hänsel has an idea: he collected splinters of metal, which he lets clandestinely fall on to the path. He
       doesn´t know, yet, that he won´t find his way back. Because the splinters did arouse the curiosity of something,
       which dwells down in the valley. Some creature, even the couraged srap workers are afraid of...


       The feature film 'Hagezussa' is in the status of preparation. Please visit as well the official website of the film.